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sunflowers & apples

Sunflowers in Plano Illinois
woman emptying fresh picked apples into a bucket

Aug 17 - Oct 29
Thurs - Sun: 10-6pm

Our sunflower fields are the perfect place for you to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy moment or simply take in the surroundings. Whether you're searching for the perfect apple for baking or looking to enjoy a crisp bite right then and there, our orchard offers a wide selection of apples to suit every taste. Bring your family and friends, and make it a memorable day of outdoor adventure and natural beauty at Woody's Orchard. Don't miss out on this seasonal delight – join us for sunflower and apple picking and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

Apple picking starts mid August and lasts through the end of October and sunflowers begin early September!

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Two happy young adult girls laugh and smile in a sunflower field




entrance fee

filled vase
*sunflowers bloom in Sept.

*additional cost for blooms

U-Pick Apples


per quarter peck bag*

*required purchase of 1 bag for every 2 guests over 5

20 different kinds of apples! 

Take a look at our Orchard Guide to plan your picking trip!

It's All Happening

Come Enjoy Our Farm Fun activities!

*Costs Extra. Check Pricing for more info.

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